MP 01 Mobile Phone Launch

Making technology appear more human for swiss electronics brand Punkt.

Consumer electronics company Punkt. commissioned Rosie Lee to launched the new MP 01 mobile phone designed by British industrial designer Jasper Morrison at the London Design Festival 2015.

We lined the exhibition walls with a series of twelve illustrations that communicate the Punkt. brand philosophy.

Working closely with illustrator Anna Kövecses, a series of illustrations were created that capture human characteristics in technology and the role it plays in modern life.

We designed the the MP 01 packaging to reflect both the look and the attitude of the phone. A minimal box exterior illustrates the smart device in its simplest form, and the inner tray holds the product at an angle to match the back design.

Printed cotton tote bags, a set of postcards and an A2 poster featuring the new brand campaign illustrations were exclusively given away to pre-selected guests.