Rosie Lee Amsterdam hires Junior Designer

Rosie Lee Amsterdam hires Junior Designer

7th February 2017

We’re pleased to announce the addition of Junior Designer Manon Pelletier to our Amsterdam office. Now in its third year, our consistent growth in the region meant our creative department were in the market for a new and exciting design talent – a position for which Manon was the perfect fit.  

With a solid grounding in graphics under her belt, Manon brings a wealth of creative experience to our Netherlands team. With them, she also hopes to expand her knowledge of retail and spatial design.

Educated in India, the UK and France, and having worked previously for Substance in Hong Kong, she has already gained a strong understanding of different cultures. Her travel has a strong influence on the work she produces, and is already proving beneficial as we continue to expand our business and win clients in new territories.

Rosie Lee look forward to a long and productive future with her on board.