New London office for Rosie Lee

2nd March 2016

Rosie Lee has opened its doors to a new London office on Kingsland Road a stone’s throw from the Geffrye Museum and Seventeen Gallery in Hoxton.

The concept for the office was designed by our Creative Director, Mark Fleming, who wanted to create a series of collaborative open plan work-spaces. Glass partitions are used to divide up the designated work areas whilst keeping everything visually connected. The two storey mirrored walls create an open airy feeling, utilising the swathes of natural light. Built-in hidden storage adds functionality to the modern interior and amassed paraphernalia are displayed to add a personal touch. A deconstructed Rosie Lee logo disrupts light from the exterior windows, casting shards of light and shadows throughout the foyer.

This fresh, inspiring space sets us up nicely for the busy and exciting year ahead.